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District Director Seat Vacancy

The El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors seeks applicants to fill a vacancy on its Board of Directors for a term through November 2018. Applicants must be registered voters residing within the El Camino Healthcare District.

Board Member Work and Time Commitment:

  1. Regularly attend ECHD Board and Committee Meetings – Regular District Board meetings are scheduled 4 times annually on the third Tuesday of the month (January, March, June and October) beginning at 5:30 pm at El Camino Hospital. Additional meetings may be scheduled from time to time as District business requires.
  2. Though not a requirement, all current ECHD Board members serve also on the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors. The work and time commitment of an El Camino Hospital Board member is described on the El Camino Hospital website.
  3. Each ECHD Board member should prepare for and participate fully in an effort to contribute his or her knowledge and skills to the collective deliberations of the ECHD Board, so that the ECHD Board's decisions are the product of five members' efforts, skills and experiences thereby strengthening the ECHD Board's deliberative process to act in the best interests of the community served by ECHD.
  4. Each ECHD Board member should exercise integrity, deliberate together, and foster a positive working relationship with other ECHD Board members and staff, and act in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act and the Public Records Act.
  5. Each ECHD Board member must be aware of and declare any conflict of interest and must recuse themselves from voting on any matter for which they have a conflict. Financial conflicts must be identified promptly and addressed properly. Each ECHD Board member must take certain training and complete and file Forms 460, 470 and 700, as required. For more information visit the California Fair Political Practices Commission website
  6. ECHD Board members may request compensation in the amount of $100.00 for attendance at each Regular, Special and Emergency Meeting of the ECHD Board and ECHD Board Committees (presently, there are no ECHD Board committees) not to exceed five meetings per month.

Application (PDF) & Instructions

Applications may also be obtained in person at El Camino Hospital, 2500 Grant Road, Administration Offices, Mountain View, CA 94040.

Applicants may submit up to 6 additional pages (8 total pages) of supporting materials, including extended answers to questions contained in the application. Any materials in excess of this page limit will not be provided to the District Board. All applications and supporting materials must be received in our office not later than Tuesday, August 1, 2017 and will be made publicly available.

Completed applications must be submitted to:
El Camino Healthcare District
2500 Grant Road
Administration C131
Mountain View, CA 94040


E-Mail at:


The El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors will hold a meeting to interview applicants in person.

Interview time and location:
Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

El Camino Hospital
2500 Grant Road
Conference rooms E, F and G
Mountain View, CA 94040

Applicants will have the opportunity to make a verbal statement no longer than 10 minutes, and will be asked to answer questions from sitting Board Members as well as any questions from the public at the meeting.

For additional information, please call 650-940-7300 or email

District Map

Image of Medium Size District Boundaries Map

Note: District boundry outline is an approximation. (Click for a larger view).

District Cities

El Camino Healthcare District cities include most of Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills; a large portion of Sunnyvale, and small sections of Cupertino, Santa Clara and Palo Alto.

Key Dates

Applications Due
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Call 650-940-7300