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Contact the El Camino Healthcare District (ECHD) Board of Directors

The agenda for each regular meeting of the El Camino Healthcare District (ECHD) Board of Directors includes an item for public communication. During this time, an opportunity is provided for persons in the audience to make a brief statement to the ECHD Board, not to exceed three minutes, on issues or concerns within the jurisdiction of the ECHD Board but not otherwise covered by the agenda.

The ECHD Board also accepts written correspondence, which should be addressed to:

Chair of the District Board of Directors

c/o El Camino Hospital

2500 Grant Road - M/S 1C31

Mountain View, CA 94040

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Media Contact

We are available to assist journalists with resources for stories and provide background information. For assistance, please email or call 650-694-3880.

Guidelines Public Records Request

El Camino Healthcare District understands the importance of assisting the public in its ability to review and gain access to information maintained by publicly funded agencies. That right is provided for in the California Public Records Act and the State constitution.

Public Records Request Guidelines and Instructions (PDF)