Reimbursement and Compensation Policy

Reimbursement and Compensation Policy

The ECHD Board of Directors is composed of five publicly elected or appointed representatives. The District has no employees, relying upon staff provided under an agreement with El Camino Hospital. Under that agreement, the hospital provides to the District its Chief Executive Officer and its Chief Financial Officer. The hospital also provides any other staff as may be necessary to manage the District’s operations.

Salaries and employee benefits for the ECHD are therefore zero as shown on the El Camino Healthcare District -Standalone Comparative Statement of Revenue and Expense available in the Fiscal Year Budget Overviews.

Director Compensation is defined in the ECHD Bylaws under Article IV Directors and Vacancies, Section 3, Director Compensation. Detailed information about stipends and expense reimbursement can be found in the Compensation Policy and Compensation Procedure documents.

Further information about the compensation of public officials and employees can also be found on the California State Controller's Office website.

Compensation Policy and Procedure